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A Gift of Gems

This month I'll be talking about :


A special one for me as its also my birthstone!

Pearls are formed by saltwater oysters, some freshwater muscles, and more rarely other shellfish. They are formed as a result of an irritant that has intruded into the shell which is covered in mother of pearl as an immunity defence.

Sea mollusks which produce pearls can live up to 13 years, with the purest pearls most often produced in the Persian Gulf. Pearl are harvested by divers with only every 30th or 40th oyster containing a creamy white pearl.

Pearls are regarded as one of the most valuable gem materials. They have been used for adornment for almost 6,000 years.

I love incorporating pearls into my designs, they give a subtle elegance to any design whilst being the perfect adornment to go with any outfit!

Taking Care of your Pearl Jewellery 

Extreme dryness is damaging to pearls; they are also sensitive to acids, perspiration, cosmetics, and hairspray. Since pearls have a low harness they can be easily scratched. 

Therefore I would recommend you don't sleep in your jewellery or wear it in the shower as this is especially damaging to pearls. It is best to store them in my boxes as these have been specially designed to prevent tarnishing but also help to keep your piece separate from other jewllery which might cause scratches or damage to your piece.


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