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The fusion between metal and textiles is what drives Megan Brown’s innovative approach to fine jewellery creation. Hailing from North Yorkshire, Megan grew up surrounded by the industrial machinery of her family’s century-old textile mill. This sparked a fascination for the physical process of weaving, with the intricate textures and dynamic movement of the looms recaptured in her work today. Now based in the heart of Soho, London, Megan’s work unites her manufacturing roots with contemporary design to create unique and elegant works of art. 


Combining traditional and experimental techniques, Megan explores the boundaries of the materials she works with, resulting in dynamic sculptural designs which are reminiscent of flowing fabric. This innovative approach has afforded her the opportunity to showcase her work in international art fairs and exhibitions, as well as inspiring private clients and collectors to acquire it. Amongst them is the Goldsmiths' Company, who recently commissioned her to create a piece for their Collection.

Megan is passionate about transforming the way weaving is perceived by demonstrating its potential as an artform. She seeks to recontextualise the process of weaving from something archaic to something haute, combining the finest quality materials with exploratory design to fuel a renewed approach to modern luxury. She has been recognised for her unique designs and vision in several international magazines and institutions such as British Vogue, Country and Townhouse, The V&A Magazine, and Document Journal.


Trained in traditional goldsmithing and silversmithing, Megan has refined her craft over the last 10 years. She established her eponymous company in 2016, before going on to study at Bishopsland Educational Trust and then complete her residency at Sarabande, a foundation established by Lee Alexander McQueen. Currently, she can be found handcrafting her jewellery and sculptures in her Soho workshop, under the tutelage of renowned goldsmith Tom Scott. 


Her work can be acquired directly or through her stockist in Monaco. 

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