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'It's the craftsmanship within the piece that I love the most, and the idea that jewellery is something that might be cherished for generations. You pour time and effort into creating a piece and when you give it to a customer, the knowledge that they could have it forever, and have it passed down throughout their family, is especially precious.'

- Megan Brown


Megan is an artist, jeweller and silversmith creating innovative designs using traditional jewellery and silversmithing techniques.  


Inspired by a unique ancestry which began with her great, great grandfather Herbert Brown, who set up a jewellers and textile mill over 180 years ago.  She trained in the traditional art of jewellery making after first studying Fashion Design at Edinburgh College of Art. Since then, she has worked as a goldsmith and bespoke designer, before setting up her own business ‘Megan Brown Jewellery’. 

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Wearable artworks to be cherished for generations.

I see jewellery as objects of art to be worn upon the body. Precious heirlooms that are as much a joy to wear as they are to look upon. 

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I'm committed to minimising negative environmental and human impact, by consciously using ethically sourced materials. My jewellery is handcrafted and made to order, with any waste being recycled and reused. This means I also have complete control of production allowing for the freedom to adapt to global and localised changes. 

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Innovative designs, handcrafted using ancient techniques.

Every piece is handcrafted using the traditional jewellery and weaving techniques my ancestors would have used over 180 years ago. 


"Thank you so much Megan for all the work that has gone into making it a work of art! I'm so pleased with it, it's perfect for me and better than I could have dreamed of.

You're very talented and I'll tell (and show) everyone about the way you have transformed my wedding and engagement rings."


- Belinda