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weave (v.1)

Old English wefan "to weave, form by interlacing yarn," figuratively "devise, contrive, arrange".

The Woven Collection draws on my family heritage and passion for traditional craftsmanship. Growing up in Yorkshire, with a family legacy of textile weaving going back over 100 years, inspired my love of fabrics. The collection explores how the soft, flowing qualities of fabric might be translated into something as hard as metal. Creating sculptural designs which have been intricately hand woven, using fine silver and gold chain to create a dynamic designs with a contemporary edge. 

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Alfred Brown Ltd was founded by my great-great-grandfather, Herbert Brown in 1915. For over 100 years, their fabrics have been bought by some of the finest tailors and designers across the globe; from Savile Row Tailors to world famous fashion houses such as Celine, YSL and Alexander McQueen.

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